Carbon soap

Natural soap with activated coal has fantastic cleansing properties: cleanses pores, removes toxins and pollutants. Activated charcoal contained within is known for its toxin-absorbent (binding) properties, what affects not only the skin epidermis, but also penetrates into the deeper layers of skin, improving its oxidation. It opens and cleanses pores, and soothes irritations, as well as speeds up the healing of injuries. Carbon soap lightens skin tone and eliminates minor blemishes, hence it should not be used by those who like having strong, dark tan. Soap with coal also has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral characteristics. It is ideal for combating skin problems of viral or bacterial origins. It is ideal for acne, which in the case of regular use of this soap disappears from the skin surface. Soap with coal can be used for all skin types, and is recommended  in particular for skin prone to acne, with insect bites and simply irritated. The carbon soap contains also an addition of sandalwood oil, what provides a very pleasant smell.

Each soap with coal is handmade, and the components contained therein are all 100% natural.

It should be used to wash the body, face or hair 2 times a day. However, if you note that your skin becomes slightly dry, switch to using the soap every other day instead. Carbon soap can also be used for cleaning teeth, as charcoal has gentle whitening properties.

After use:

Soap composition: olive oil, coconut oil, water, palm oil, castor oil, shea butter, rice oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, beeswax, activated charcoal, essential oils.

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